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Kick-Off Event: The Game Has Changed

If you’re reading this, you’re already a little bit intrigued. Maybe you’re a punter familiar with interactive sports betting (darts; American football; diving in the Champions League) and you’re looking to change things up. Maybe you’re a die-hard poker fan who watches all the streaming poker tournaments and can’t pass up the opportunity to see Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth chattering away at a poker table. Maybe you saw Maria Ho’s photo and think she’s a hottie.

However it is that you got here, you’re already a little bit intrigued. But there’s a nagging doubt in the back of your head.

“In-game poker betting? How, exactly, will this work?”

It will work because technology is a wonderful thing.

Welcome to iSeriesLIVE, the latest in live poker entertainment. On Thursday April 5 at 17:00 GMT, iSeriesLIVEwill host its Kick-Off Event: a live, invite-only, €10,000 buy-in, winner-take-all poker tournament featuring ten of the biggest names in tournament poker.

Through the miracle of streaming video, you’ll be able to watch the tournament live from your computer. Through the miracle of RFID, chip counts will be updated on-screen automatically after every pot, large or small, and in-game odds will be altered dynamically by PaddyPower’s crack staff of internal oddsmakers. And through the miracle of a PaddyPower sports book account, you’ll be able to place dozens of different bets on the tournament and sweat the action as it unfolds.

Ain’t life in the 21st century grand?

It’s really as easy as that. Watch the stream. Make a few clicks. Place your bets. And PaddyPower is making markets in just about anything you want them to

•    The winner

•    Who will be eliminated first

•    Which players will reach heads-up play

•    A modified over-under on whether a player finishes 4th or better or 5th or worse

•    21 different last-longer bets pitting one pro against another

•    A special bet taking Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth as a tandem against the field

Once the action gets underway, even more bets will open up. You’ll be able to bet on the next player to be eliminated, whether or not players will be dealt an ace in the hole, and a host of other unique propositions that will keep the proceedings entertaining and action-packed.

Bet a little. Bet a lot. Bet nothing at all and choose instead to just watch how it works. After all, the iSeriesLIVE Kick-Off Event will feature 8 hours of top-notch poker action from some of the best professional tournament players in the world. That’s worth watching in and of itself.

But most of you have an inner action junkie. You bet red-black flops with your friends, or choose ranks that pay bonuses when they flop. You play 2-7 bounties and wager on who can do more push-ups or chug a beer fastest. You’re already engaging in this type of gambling. Now you can do it while you’re watching some of the best poker players in the world square off in riveting, high-stakes poker action.

Tomorrow I’ll break down some of the bets that you’ll be able to make on Thursday, including a few speculative bets that could be good value plays. Wednesday I’ll check in with updated odds on each player and assess his or her realistic chances of winning. On Thursday morning I’ll look at any last-minute line changes as the money comes pouring in.

Then, on Thursday night, all the intrigue ends. The players will sit down to play it out. At that point, the action is on you.