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How to Bet on eSports

So you’re an eSports enthusiast, and you have a strong opinion on which players are going to win the next big match. We’re giving you the chance to step up and put your money where your mouth is by placing a wager. We believe that because eSports is so new to the betting world, there is great value in eSports betting. This beginners guide will walk you through the betting process and get you betting on eSports in no time.

In the world of betting, the odds basically tell you the probability of whomever you are betting on to win.

OK – so that’s relatively easy to understand. Here’s the more difficult part. Odds
can be one of three things:

  • Odds against or better known as “the underdog”
  • Even money
  • Odds on or “the favorite”

Underdogs (e.g 2/1, 8/1, 15/2, 100/1 etc.)
If the person you are betting on is less than 50/50 to win it is described as being an underdog. In this case, if you bet on the underdog and he or she wins you will receive your money back plus your money multiplied by the odds against it.

Here is a simple example: The individual you bet on wins at 2/1 odds
(pronounced two-to-one).

If you bet $10 you will receive:

  • Your $10 back
  • Plus your money multiplied by the odds of 2/1 = ($10 x 2) = $20
  • You make $30 total

Sometimes the numbers may appear more complicate such as 15/2 or 9/4. This is simply because odds are normally expressed as fractions so they can’t include half numbers. The easiest way to figure out how much your bet would return is to think of odds such as 15/2 being the same as 7.5/1.

Even money
If the individuals perceived chance of winning is 50/50 it is described as even money. In this scenario, if the individual you bet on wins you will receive double your money.

For example: The player you bet on wins at 1/1 (even money).
If you bet $10 you will receive:

  • Your $10 back
  • Plus your money multiplied by the odds of 1/1 = ($10 x 1) = $10 again
  • You make $20 in total

Favorites (e.g 1/2, 4/7, 3/10 etch)
When you bet on a favorite you recognize that the players perceived chance of winning is more than 50/50. Therefore, if the favorite wins you will receive your money back plus your money multiplied by the odds on it.

For example: The player you bet on wins at 1/2 (pronounced one-to-two).
If you bet $10 you will receive:

  • Your $10 back
  • Plus your stake multiplied by the odds of 1/2 = ($10 x ½) = $5
  • That makes $15 in total

There you have it. Betting 101. Now that you have the basics under your belt, it’s time to head over to PaddyPower and get in on the action. What are you waiting for?